According to the Article “ Culture Shock and the Problem of Adjustment in New Cultural Environments “, Klavern Oberg said that, most of the people that move to a different country, must pass through many difficulties, like learning the language and the cultural differences. Kalvero Oberg said that people go thru 4 different stages. First stage is an adventure where people enjoy the city and they play the roll of visitors; when the person is done with the first stage, then it comes the second stage, which is the most difficult, thatrefers to people that start hating the city in general, and feel negativity. The second stage is the hardest, because here is where you decide if you keep going, or you just drop the towel. Then it comes the third stage that is about getting used to the culture, the people and the city, and finally the person get to the final stage, that is related in how the person accepts the people, culture and place.

I wanted to know if my friend Katherina has passed through those 4 different stages, and thats why I prepared an interview with her in my English class at Baruch College. Katerina Margolina Koval is 26 years old, beautiful woman from Ukraine – Kiev ( Capital of Ukraine), she came to New York in 2013 for the first time. She knew the language ( English) before she came to New York, and she told me that she learn it in middle school, also she said “ English is my third language”. Her first language is Ukrainian, second language is Russian and third one is English.

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First I asked Kathe if she has family in New York, and her answer was yes, she said that she had a fiance here waiting for her to get marry. She came along and married him.Next I asked Kathe if she liked or disliked New York when she came to the city, and after thinking for a few moments, her answer was that for the first year and a half, she hated New York, because in New York everything is the opposite as her country; she said that Kie…

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