Critical thinking is used on a daily basis by most humans. People that have jobs in the medical field or in law enforcement rely more rigorously in critical thinking to solve problems for the people in their community. Critical thinking happens as many times in a kids mind as it does in an adults mind. At one point in your life, there’s going to be a serious situations that will require you to ask yourself these questions: Who? What ? When? Where? Why? And how? As any other human, I’ve had to go through many tough decisions that impacted my life in either a positive or a negative way.

During seventh grade, I went through the decision that all junior high kids go through at some point during the years; “Should I play football?” All my friends were joining, so of course, that encouraged me to go for it. Unfortunately, that decision was not so easy for me. The reason why I was so hesitant to join football was because I had gone to the hospital twice during grade school for brain related issues.

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At the age of 8, I unfortunately went into a short comma while sleeping as if it were any other night. I was in the hospital for about three days without waking up. I finally woke up after those three days, and the doctors ran many test on my brain to see what could have caused that unusual situation; but nothing was found. All my test came back normal. It was as if this happened to me out of no where. I left the hospital that day with prescribed medication from the doctor. This medication required me to take a pill in the morning and two pills at night before i went to sleep. This medication was to help control my brain.

After about 3 years of taking those pills regularly, I looked and felt completely cured.Throughout the entire fifth grade, I had a normal year until the very last week. My teacher had brought video games that week in honor of it being the last week. Around noon, I started feeling a little dizzy. At first, I didn’t giv…

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