How do I define life? There must be no absolute meaning of it. Its definition might only depend on those who define it. Well, I want to give life to life itself and that’s how I live my life. The process of living is a cycle. We play and make fun, make mistakes and get hurt, and in the end, we learn and the cycle goes on until we meet death. Somehow, death is not an end to life when you believe there’s life after death. But believing on it while we’re living and still going through the process is somehow difficult since we’re human and our nature teaches us to be scared of putting an end to our lives on earth. Why? Maybe it’s the thought of leaving that scares us. And it’s even harder to those who will be left behind since it’s hard to let go. I would honestly salute those who are brave enough to accept the pain of being left behind; to easily let go and accept that we all don’t die at once, at normal circumstances, of course. That is how I look at life.

When I try to review all the things I have done, I have been through, and I am going through, I always find life so amazing. God is really awesome. There are numerous wonders of life that He gave us; from the day we were born, the air we breathe, how we have our families, the kind of self-will each one possess, the people we meet, the place we are destined to be, the things we daily do, to the one we are destined with. These are just few of the things that we get when we live life. I sometimes wonder why I am me. What if I was not what I am? What if I live on a different soul? I mean, would I still think the way I process my thinking right now? Would I still have the same friends? Will I still have the same experiences? I wonder.

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Somehow, those thoughts on my mind made me really feel so thankful that I am what I am today. I feel blessed because I know that I am definitely alive and I have goals. I fail and have regrets – that’s normal. I get disappointed when I don’t meet my expectati…

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