After getting married in 2008, my husband and I decided to have children. After many miscarriages, I had my first set of twins. From that day, I became a mother of two babies: a boy and a girl. That first delivering was successful because everything went well. I was happy to have twins despite the difficulties that I was having because of raising two babies at the same age and the same time. After one year, my husband got the visas for the United States of America, and he traveled by leaving behind me and the twins. Meanwhile, I had a happy life because I was living with my parents and my sisters. They were ready to help me with the chores, and they helped me a lot. In 2014, my children and I got the visa for the United States, and we traveled to join my husband here in Maryland.

On July 2014, I became pregnant of a baby girl, and I had her on March 2015.In November 2015, I was not feeling good, and I went to see my primary doctor. I told her, “Doctor, I don’t have any appetite, and I am feeling my belly is full, I think that I should go to the laboratory and make a poop test.”

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She said, “Ok, let us start with the pregnancy test. Take this cup, go to the bathroom and return with a urine inside the cup.” I did exactly what she said, as usual, then she did the test. Ten minutes, later, she came and said, “you are pregnant! Congratulations!” I was astonished. It was like a shock for me, but I remember that I wasn’t yet under birth control. I just tried to smile and I said, “thank you.” She also said, “You have to see your obstetrics and gynecologist (Obgy) no later than two weeks. I replied, “ok, thank you I will call the office in order to schedule an appointment.”

One week later, I when to my gynecologist. She diagnosed me, and she told me that the pregnancy was normal. Then, she asked me to do the ultrasound. On December 2015, I went to the ultrasound center. The ultrasound’s tech informed me that I was caring …

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