“?How would you describe yourself” is certainly a thought causing question. One that, more often than not, many find quite hard to answer. Some may be likely to incorporate the thoughts of those who are closest to them. When asked to describe their children, moms tend to focus on their child’s heart and soul; while dads are more likely to desires to do great things. When I asked my mom to describe me, she said that I am kind, trustworthy and affectionate. At the same time, she reminded me that I am “as stubborn as a mule” because once I get an idea in my mind I go after it unstoppably. My dad described me as highly motivated and disciplined. He said I work hard and intensively to achieve the goals I have set up for myself.

Being the first in my family to attend college, it’s an aspiration of mine to go to a university. Arriving to Texas Tech University as an incoming freshman, everything became an eye-opener to me. I was on my own as a newly independent, young adult learning to accommodate to the college lifestyle. I’ve learned to find my niche in college, make new friends, get around on my own, all without my parents being there to guide me and catch me when I fall like I’m normally used to. It was a different feeling for me. Of course my parents were devastated on move-in day, seeing their son move from home to a completely new and unknown city, but I was somehow feeling ok. Yes, I was a little sad seeing their car drive off, but I thought I was taking the transition pretty well. 

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Moving on deeper into the semester, however, I noticed I was becoming very stressed with the workload I was receiving from each of my classes. My stress levels were increasing as the days passed by. It was a completely different feeling for me as opposed to being in high school. Professors weren’t lenient with the work. Everything was to be turned in on time or not at all. I found myself procrastinating, blowing off nearly every assig…

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