I am sitting here on the day my rough draft is due and I am just beginning this thing, granted after reading “Shitty First Drafts” (Anne Lamott), I don’t feel inclined to impress anyone that might go ahead and end up reading this. There is one thing I would like to try and put you in my shoes for a brief moment, I am twenty-four years old, I previously wasted three years of my life right out of high school going to ITT Tech, and I dropped out. This is literally the first time I have ever told anyone that, I thought I was a hot shot and I know a lot of things about my field, hell maybe I could even start a small business of some sort, collect on bitcoins, which is a crypto currency which uses computers to “mine”, processing data, which is worth hundreds of US. Dollars. Well after I dropped out you could only guess of the extraordinary luck I had. None. Yeah, I know big surprise there, so I had a few misc. jobs here and there, Paralegal, Retail, Warehouse, every single one not what I wanted nor help me in anyway closer to my goal.

So, here I am again twenty-four years old, still not having a clue of how I can go from point A to point B but I sit here trying to figure that out. Not quite present day I came to Rowan at B.C. trying to get back on track maybe actually get a degree so when I submit a resume it has some creditability, and I can hold my head up saying I did that, but jumping though all the hoops here being thrown in on direction told well you need to do A than B, C. Only to come back being told no its B than C, A. It seemed as though something, someone didn’t want me to go back, but here I am. Unfortunately for my tale, I didn’t make it to the fall semester, I had all but given up. Someone did not though, my wife, Najmulsar, she urged me not to give up on this and to try again in the spring.

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Spring came around and I retook my entrance exams and greatly surpassed the grades to set for myself when I tried back in 2…

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