There are a lot of fond memories of growing up in Texas because I have spent most of my life here. Texas is a diverse state with many different cultures and languages. The opportunities are as vast as the many different areas of rural and suburban living. There are many different sights to see, places to go, and roads to travel in this big state. Texas hold everything that I love from my family to my friends. My Texas memories include various beautiful scenery, wonderful smells, the sound of music, the blazing heat, and the feeling of being home. Texas scenery is breathtaking from the manicured lawns to the blooming bluebonnets that often grow in the springtime. Anyone that is from Texas or has been around for a while knows that the bluebonnet is the sign that Easter is just around the corner. With that brings the wonderful smells of spring in the air. During the summer, you can often smell the chlorine in the air, which I like to refer to like the smell of swimming pools. It is a reminder that summer is in full swing and as a child the days of no school. During the school year, you can smell the popcorn in the concession stand during football games. See the green football fields with the freshly colored white lines showing all the different field yards and end zones.

Texas has many different events going on during the year that you can often hear music just sitting outside your house. There are parks and pavilions which hold concerts that are often carried by the wind to nearby neighborhoods. You can also hear the sound of children playing in the street in the summer or the whistle of the football coach in the nearby school when school is almost ready to start. The sound of a crowd cheering as the Friday night lights appear on in the stadium of the nearest football field. The sound of the band playing off in the distance as the kickoff of the first quarter set into motion. The sound of music is all around us in this great state and e…

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