Organization is the key to constructive learning that guards us from the void of our own ignorance. And, goals and aims are the cornerstones to the foundations of organized living. Our goals originate from our perception and embody our dream; therefore, I find it reasonably appropriate to commence this write-up with a brief discussion of my personal attributes, which, I believe, is also an intended essence of this write-up.

I am a student from the developing part of the world. I like traveling, though I’ve been around few places inside my country, that has been mostly for the academic reasons. Apart from this, my hobbies include listening music, playing guitar, occasionally, writing, reading fiction/non-fiction works for the pastime, and at times simply wandering around, which I believe lets me discover places in my own way, getting closer to them than an occasional passer-by. And, as and when I get a chance, I am reading articles in the newspapers or on the Internet about the recent trends in technology. One’s goals can become an abstract concept, albeit their outcome always tends to be more tangible– for instance, a person may strive to become a compassionate doctor, or a hardworking engineer, or a sincere civil-servant, even so the final result will always be the summation of his doing and the effect he had had on his surroundings, which is obvious only after we observe it. On the other hand, it’s my perception that the goals are one’s yardstick to measure one’s progress in life. Therefore, I like it better when my goals are more on the definite side than as vague, all-encompassing notions.

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Over the years during my learning, my goals have spanned from clear comprehension of a subject, better bonding with my teachers to achieving better grades in my exams. Though I haven’t had an outstanding success in my educational carrier so far, I should sincerely admit that my educational success has been at par with my personal satisf…

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