Foremost, my name is Lana, I am fourteen years old and I live in Washington State, Seattle. I live with my dad and my older sister violet, she is nineteen years old. This year our parents are letting us go to vacation with two of our friends Mark and Sandy. Sandy is my best friend, I’ve known her since the first grade, and she has been by my side through thick and thin. Mark is Violet’s boyfriend, he is just tagging along.

Our vacation destination is the beautiful island of Hawaii. Today is packing day, so I have decided to pack my favorite sunflower dress, and my favorite bathing suits. I packed my emoji, my pink and black polka dot, along with my black and white stripped bathing suit. I also packed other cute ensembles.In particular, I was so excited that I could barely sleep. We woke up early, violet and I packed the car, and hugged our parents goodbye. My mom started crying and told us to look out for each other and to be safe. After all the goodbyes were said, we were on the road driving to pick up mark. Mark was ready on the driveway ready to go. When we got to Sandy’s house, we had to wait for her to find her passport. We barely made it to the airport on time, checked in, and we were on our way to Hawaii.The flight attendant came on the speaker, she introduced herself as Kiara, she indicated the emergency procedures, and told us to get comfortable for the flight. From Seattle to Hana-Lulu Hawaii it is five and a half hours long. The flight attendants came around a couple times to see if we needed anything. While I was sleeping Violet woke me up so I could hear the pilot’s announcements. He said that we were approaching turbulence. It was a bumpy ride, there were unusual sounds, and the oxygen masks fell. Kiara came back on the speaker, she told us to stay calm, keep our seat belts tight, and reminded us of the safety protocols. To tell the truth, we felt as if things were getting out of control. Three hours into the fl…

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