The word “divorce” terrifies many kids, tears them apart, even at young ages, or in teens, it can be a horrible word to hear from your parents. The average divorce takes about 18 months to get over the split. Divorce is changing more lives now than it ever has, and when kids are involved it is usually harder on them than the parents.My parents’ decision to end the life they started together was very hard on my fourteen-year-old self, but the reason was well worth it.

It all started out when my dad became secretive and hid things from all of us. He would stay up late just to go outside and hide away to talk on his phone. No one knew what he was doing or what was wrong, or so I thought. However, my brother knew the whole time what was going on; my dad was cheating on my mom. Because my brother knew my dad’s secret, he got away with anything and everything he possibly could and it made me so mad because it caused so many fights with my mom and dad.Being fourteen years old, I just thought it was a thing every parent would go through; parents fought, but mine were getting worse each day. They fought over my brother. His grades were dropping in school and he kept getting into trouble with his friends. He would always beg me to cover for him if he were to sneak out at night. I would have to tell my mom that he was in the bathroom taking a shower. He snuck out to go drinking with his friends at the age of sixteen. My mom knew about my brother and all the trouble he was getting into. She just wanted another parent figure to get on to him, but my dad never would because he didn’t want my brother to say anything about him cheating to my mom.

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A full year and a half went on and still no sign of change from my dad: still secretive, still fighting with mom, still being a distant. My brother was struggling still, but he met a girl and shehelped him by keeping him busy, getting him away from the house and away from dad. While with her, my…

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