Daniel J. Levitin suggests in “The Organized Mind” that different levels of effort are needed for different life tasks, ranging from eating breakfast to planning a career. Satisficing is an important part of prioritizing because it asks a person to expend the least amount of effort, for a task to be completed to its minimum requirement. In order to achieve everyday tasks, satisficing is efficient and useful, as it makes certain that no time is wasted on trivial work. However, satisficing can be harmful if it is used when working toward important life goals, because the minimum amount of effort will receive a minimum result. Warren Buffet embodies satisficing convincingly; he wants the best for his career, and investments, and he works his hardest to get the best result; however, he also satisfices in his daily life effectively. Through examining ineffective and effective satisficing in Levitin’s excerpt and my own life, it will be clear that satisficing should be used in day to day life and be avoided when working toward important achievements and goals.

There are many elements that seem important in our daily lives, but are not necessary in the scheme of things. If we put the strategy of satisficing into action in our own lives, we can have more chances to achieve our goals. Warren Buffet highlights effective satisficing by choosing to eat a simple breakfast as a normal person, instead of using his ample salary to order expensive foods or cooking lavish meals; this shows Buffet doing daily tasks at its minimum requirement. Buffet just needs a basic meal that provides him with enough energy to work and live, which makes it possible to invest more effort into his investments and goals. Recently, I found that I was not satisfied, but instead, I was wasting time fiddling on my phone. In 2015, smart phones can provide us with many kinds of apps globally. I can read the latest news, follow my favorite bloggers, and look through what my fr…

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