I would be writing on Identity, and I was privilege in having an interview with Modebe a young successful male Entrepreneur at thirty-four-a photographer to see how he interprets the word Identity. He started the photography business six years ago and has been doing well, just before that he had a two year experience working with a magazine firm where he was their graphic designer, but had always wanted to have a business of his own, so took an opportunity while working with the magazine company he was with then to develop his photography skills. That was how the journey began for him and started his photography company called Annual Photography.

Good enough I visited him in his home on a weekend just before the Saturday soccer games started. He picked interest on the topic Identity as I threw it at him since every Entrepreneur needs to have a unique identity to be successful in their area of businesses. I started off with asking him what he understood by Identity. And he went like Identity is a unique attribute associated with a person, place or entity. What are the types of Identities; Personal Identity and Professional Identity. The personal identity is the idea you create about yourself that develops through the span of your life, which may include aspects of your life that you may have no control over such as where you grew up or color of your skin, as well as choices you make in life and what you believe. While professional identity is the image a person has based on the way he performs a job or operates within a career field, which has their relationship with and are communicated via branding. What is Personal branding, it is the practice of people marketing themselves and their careers as brands also the Professional branding is creating a flowing lineage for your entity through different tactics, whether by utilizing social media, designing a theme or adverting yourself through online or offline platforms in general, to have a…

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