Recently, I was asked to write an essay in my English course. The trial consisted of writing about the person which I most admire, and why. Simple, or perhaps, not so much. When the teacher assigned us the task, a name jumped to my mind immediately. It was not a family member, a friend or an acquaintance. It was no one in my life, and at the same time, much of it. Do the job will be easy, I thought. And then came the prejudices. To make long story short: no, I did not my essay on that person. I ended up writing about my mother – not so simple – and don’t get me wrong… I love my mom, I admire her a lot, and I would like to be like her in many ways. It’s just that with my mother the words do not flow as free as with another person. And even though my mom is a woman that I admire is difficult to open up and talk about it.

I guess that most of the people at some point in our lives we have been fans of someone; of a singer, an actor, a writer, a painter, someone and point. But, what do you do when that fanaticism already exceeded its limit? A limit socially.

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Yes, I know that it is not “normal”. And that is the only reason why I didn’t write my essay as I wanted to, I wrote what the rest I expected, not what she felt. We live at a time and I’m at an age where society “pushes” to be like everyone else, which is best fit to not be designated. And yes, of course is horrible to feel the glances and the whispers of others. Anyone who says otherwise because it must be very lucky.

But why be ashamed to admire someone who is genuine, loyal, and brave and delivered on everything he does. A person who loves, laughs, cries, screams, fights, dreams and works day and night for giving me what she in his youth did. Someone who has fought and passed hundreds of obstacles to get to where it is. And to take me to my and my brother in the best conditions opening our thousands of doors with studies that give us the opportunity to have. That every day gives t…

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