I lived my entire childhood in the same house, although some might say it is weird to have not moved, I appreciate growing up in one house. It was an average gray sprawling single-story house, on 13 acres of land with cows roaming around the pasture in the front and a large dog that almost looked like a bear bustling about. When you went to walk to the house it takes three steps to get to the top, where there was a wide porch before coming to an all-white door. Once you push open the door you are brought into the living room. As soon as you walked in, your attentions are automatically drawn to the huge red leather chair, able to hol an entire football team. From there on you would see a beige chair with a matching couch. Beside each chair was a matching end table that had been passed down from generation to generation. To the left of the door there was a hook to put keys on surrounded by family photos and a coat rack the tend to gather half of everyone’s closet.

Moving past the living room to the left you’ll find 3 doors, 2 doors lead to bedrooms and the other door smack in the middle of the 2 rooms. To the left, you would find my room, A light purple color with tan carpet. Inside the room there are many toys. There are toys of all kind: there are stuffed animals, dolls, cards, and more. Across the hall was my sisters room that was always a mess. It had bright pink walls with beanie bag chairs and an awesome bunk bed that I was always jealous of growing up.Once you go back through the living room you come across the dining room with a round table and 4 chairs around it. The table was always set with place mats and a big arrangement of flowers as a center piece. To the right you would see another door that lead into my parents’ room. On the left was the kitchen which was off limits to use kids except for the snack drawer that always had a variety of snacks ranging from Scooby snacks, to granola bars and much more.

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