When it comes to family life, the many citizens of Britian want to share the important events in their families with the public. For instance, they may put announcements about the birth of their new babies, happiness about the marriage of their sons or daughters or even sad news about a grandparent’s death into a newspaper. The following essay will cover the three aspects of family life in the UK such as one-parent families, weddings, and family holidays. First of all, one-parent families, or single-parent families, are those with children reared by only one parent. For the time being, they account for about 14 per cent in the United Kingdom. They can be led by a divorced mother or father, a widow or widower, a married woman separated from her husband, or even by an unmarried mother. Nowadays, unmarried mothers may prefer to adopt a child without getting married to his or her father. To help these mothers, an organization called the National Council for One-Parent families was established to provide support for them. However, bringing up children without a mate seems to be a difficult task for the unmarried mother since it’s virtually impossible for her to balance between her work and her family. Once again, there is a self-help group known as Gingerbread for those who are in the same situations to assist one another in doing things like child-minding, finding jobs, and organizing holidays for parents and children.

Next is wedding, marking the most important milestone of an enduring relationship of a would-be married couple. Generally, a traditional British wedding takes place in a church, chapel or registry office. In addition, weddings, along with the reception, where the married couple and their parents meet the guests, will probably be held by the bride’s mother. Therefore, all the expenses for the celebrations are usually paid for by the bride’s parents. In the past, an ideal day to organize a wedding was often Wednesday, …

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