When you Google the word “passion” it gives you about 65,400,000 results. These results give you every single existing piece of information available about passion. From the word’s origin to the kinds of passions people have. However, there is one question about passion that Google doesn’t answer for you, that is, what is your passion in life? This is something only a person can answer for themselves. As a kid, when I couldn’t read my mother would read to me every night. She would read me various stories and even though I didn’t know how to read I would understand every single sentence that the story said. I would imagine the entire thing in my head and eventually I would fall asleep. Later on, when I learned how to read my mom would bring me books from the library in our neighborhood and we would read them together at night. Whether it was Junie B. Jones’s funny school experiences that would make me laugh, or Harriet the spy’s secrets that would amuse me. Either way, I would enter the world of that character in my head; I would start seeing what the character saw, feel what the character felt, it was like lucid dreaming. And even at that age, it was fun to be someone else for a while.

Over the years, the kind of books I read changed with my age. But the feeling I get from reading books never changed. Up till the present day, books make me feel like a different person. While reading a book, I can experience whatever my character experiencing, in a completely different world. Sometimes when I don’t want to be myself anymore, reading helps me escape this present world for a while as it allows me to be someone else. For me, it’s the best way to escape from whatever I’m feeling at the moment. As much as reading books helped, so did writing. As I grew up I turned into a person who doesn’t talk much. I’m not a person who would share their deepest feelings and emotions with a friend or a cousin. So instead of talking…

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