It is important to know what is behind your name? Now in days many names are given without knowing their meanings or where they come from. For example, I was given the name of ‘’Kimberly’’ just because my mother heard it and liked it. For this purpose I researched my name. Some of the points that I want to know is the history of my name because my mother only told me that she chose this name because she liked it. First, the history of my name obtains interesting and important facts such as meanings. Kimberly is a unisex given name that originated from South African place. This name is derived from an English title, which was turn derived from an English place name. It is interesting to know where my name originated from.

Another fact that I found is that personality can be described just by the name. For example on my research I found web sites with my name which described my personality, ‘’a sweet, compassionate, and confident girl that finds the beauty in everything. She is always willing to give a helping hand, everyone loves her as soon as they meet her.’’Accordingly, all this describes me perfectly because I am kind and sweet.For example I always like to help other people that need my help, I’m the kind of person that doesn’t enjoy when someone is having a bad time. The word confident represents my personality because I believe in myself, in my abilities. I believe I can reach everything that I want and that is confident have trust in yourself.

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Your name is what describes you as a person. My name Kimberly describes me just right. There are a lot of positive things about my name, but there are also negative things too. In my opinion my name is the definition of who I am. My mom gave me my name and I love it because is a beautiful name. I think my mother chose a pretty name for me. She told me a story about my name. My mother told me that since she was a little girl, she heard this name on the radio and she like…

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