The world is made up of different types of people. These differences define us.What color skin do we have?What clothes do we wear?What language do we speak or what accent do we reflect?But does this defining include limitations or expectations of our successes in life? Each individual person has two identities. The first is what others see and sadly, to most, that identity based on our identifiable traits defines who and what we are and will be.The second identity is the one that is known only by the individual.Unable to see ourselves for nothing more than what we feel internally, this second identity is who we are, who we hope to become.But for most, these two identities battle against one another.Although we can’t really see ourselves, only a reflection of what others see, we sometimes stifle our second identity and allow the first identity to take over.We allow what others see, expect, and predict to become our futures.For a few that are internally strong, they refuse to be defined by what others see.They refuse to be limited because their skin color doesn’t allow them to become what they dream of.They refuse to be expected to follow a path that doesn’t follow the one of their heart.This need to follow their heart and to show everyone their second identity is the reason people undertake difficult journeys.No matter the struggle, no matter the pain, they are determined to show the self that they know and not what they are labeled as.

In the short story “Flight Patterns” from Sherman Alexie’s book Ten Little Indians, one of the main characters, Fekadu, a taxi driver, drives the Native American, William, to the airport. Fekadu, a black man from Ethopia is met with the stereotypical views from William as most black men with menacing scars are. “A thick scar ran from his right ear down his neck and beneath his collar.A black man with a violent history, William thought..” (114).As the taxi r…

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