My first day of middle schools was a dreadful nightmare. From being late to class, to forgetting my lunch on the bus, I was having one of my worst days of my life. I walked into the room and looked around at a jumble of new classmate. In the corner of my eye, I spotted my best friend and I am brought back with a surge of relief. In the song “You’ve GotA Friend In me”, Randy Newman portrays a similar thought of friendship. By showing the different situations of when friendship is needed, Newman describes friendship as an indestructible force that can help you at risky times.

Throughout a lifetime, like a roller coaster, people have their ups and downs. The fun and good times go by quickly, but the bad ones feel slow. For example, when my dad was in the hospital time seemed to have stopped. Day after day, friends visited to pray for him, but as the days progressed he became sicker. However, the one thing that got me through this slow and dark time was my friends. With cards that told me to stay strong, they cheered me up and showed me that I was not alone. Although” the roads looked rough ahead and I was miles away from [my] nice warm bed” I went through the hard and troublesome times from jokes “my old pals said”. Following my previous experience, I truly began to believe that two is always better than one.

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While my weakness was math, my friend was never strong in science. When we go homework in those subjects it would always leave us with frustration.However, with the collaboration between us, we were both able to discover our weaknesses and solve the issues. Newman explains that “ you have a problem, and [your friend] might have it too”, but when they “stick together [they] can see it through”. Similar to my example,my friend and I both had a problem and individually could not solve it. Allthesame, with both of our thoughts combined, it helped us fight this hardship. Some friends may lack the quality you have…

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