Many people have a specific person who inspires them, but many people still walk around day to day wondering who theirs is. I know mine is my mother.She makes me the person I am today. She was born in a beautiful place called Havana, Cuba. Here the ocean water is as blue as the clear blue skies. This is where most of my family has stayed or some have escaped to come over to the United States. My grandparents came to the United States, the land of freedom. They came with their three children; my uncle was 12-years-old, my aunt was 6- years-old and my mom was six months old. None of them understood any English and with only the clothes they had on their backs.

My grandparent’s journey was not an easy one.They were able to come to the United States as part of a sponsorship.My grandfather’s best friend had to pledge that he would take care of my family and support them.It also, cost him $5,000 between all the paperwork and money he had to have in the bank to prove he could help.While this paperwork was being processed between the American Embassy and the Cuban government my grandmother became pregnant with my mom. They thought they were going to lose their chance to come to the United States along with their dream.But when everything was finally approved by both governments, my mom was already born; you can see it took them almost 2 years to get this accomplished.Once they arrived, that’s when the hardest task began.A family with three young children with no money; this is when my grandmother felt lost. She thought she made the wrong choice, but my grandfather never let her down.He found a job as quick as he could to be able to support his family and pay back his best friend for all his help.

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My grandparent’s decision was hard to come to, but my grandfather had a gut feeling that this was something that needed to be done to give his family a better life.While they were in Cuba once Castro took over their live…

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