Families live under one roof, and they are different in many aspects life. They have got fathers and kids with a big age gap. Every generation has it is an own thing. For example, people from my generation they live and think more liberal than people from my parent’s generation, and we have developed freedom of speech. On the other hand people, my parent’s generation are cautious when they give their opinion. Communication in my generation has become easier than my parent’s generation. My generation is very different from my parent’s generation in term of technology, economy, entertainment, education.

The most notable difference between these two generations is their technology. The old generation used the pagers for contacting each other, but now we use smartphones. Therefore, we can quickly call someone, send pictures, and video chat. Another thing regarding the difference in technology is cars. For example, in my generation cars have evolved into working on their own, and they can lead to the place you want by the GPS. However, in the past, cars were used manually, and you have to read a map or ask someone for directions. In my generation doors and windows you open them automatically, and in my parent’s generation they used manual window crank (handle crank). Moreover, both generations have T.Vs, but it is entirely different. It was like a box full of wires with a small screen, and now it is a big flat screen. The most significant difference between the two generations is the internet. The internet is everywhere, and we use it to work for every little thing. In the past, the internet didn’t exist. The differences in technology are in cars, T.Vs, phones, internet.

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Comparing both terms of generation we notice another difference which is the economy. In my parent’s generation, they used to buy a lot of food from the mini market such as gum, juice, chips which only cost one riyal, but now it’s one riyal for each thing. Also, buying …

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