Throughout the evolution of humankind, an investigation has been made to understand the manner of society, and humanity has steered their wheel accordingly. From the first epic of humanity, “Gilgamesh,” to the post-modern articles and writings, an explicit relation can be found in all documents that the fundamental icons of a human being and human development are similar. The general concept of civilization depends on how people change their thoughts and manners on behalf of representing the main features of being human. The process of civilization may be regarded as a complex phenomenon that has both beneficial and detrimental sides. This complexity can be investigated in both “Gilgamesh” and “Fight Club” because the theme of these two works is based on the civilization concept.

It can be deduced that both “Gilgamesh” and “Fight Club” begins with considering the main characters, Gilgamesh and unnamed narrator (Edward Norton), as not quite human. Gilgamesh behaves as a dictator in governing the city of Uruk by ignoring other’s opinions and suppressing his own superiorities upon the public of Uruk. Also, before the creation of Enkidu, Gilgamesh feels alone to compete with someone in society. Because of this loneliness, Gilgamesh represents aggressive manners against the public and he forgets about his basic duties such as ruling the country fairly. This type of manners can be regarded as uncivilized. In a similar vein, the narrator in “Fight Club”, like Gilgamesh, has some defects that cause to be considered as an incomplete person. He has insomnia that hinders him to be socialized and to put his whole effort into the process of being human. He does not have any parents or friend that may help him to be involved in the society. He tries to interact with others by joining anonymous support meetings that show the effort to be more civilized.

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In both “Gilgamesh” and “Fight Club”, there is a displeasure t…

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