Cruises are like theme park hotels: It’s a wonderland where you can live in for a concise amount of time. It is where you can truly have a vacation because your phone is off, you have an unpredictable schedule, and you get to play all day. And the people you get to meet on the ship are so friendly and heartwarming. Even if you don’t have a clear scope of their history, you can tell that they are living life to the fullest at this present time. And not even to mention the destination you are traveling to. Shreveport, Bahamas, the default location where you would think this where you belong by the warm hospitality and the tropical live nature of the city. You would never want to evade the place.

The day was warm and luke when I arose from slumber. The sleep was so deep that I felt as though I had awakened from a brief coma. My eyes widened as crust from my eyelids shaded and collapsed on the bed.As I elevated my head from the bed, my head began to stretch my arms. I remember hearing a faint but familiar voice calling my name. Though the utter of the chant was so peaceful. And while the voice became more evident, I remember that her voice resembled joy and peace at the same time. Once her voice peaked at the corner of the door, my mother burst into the room with a rhetorical question. It was rhetorical because as she asked me “Guess What?” I could only fill my lungs to half capacity with oxygen before she blasted the answer in my face “WE’RE GOING ON A CRUISE!” And as she cheered with a big smile and cheered with excitement and wonder just thinking what I was in store for this summer.

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A couple of weeks after she made the announcement, the morning had finally come to board the ship. As we came around the curve of the road, we came in contact with the bristling leaves. They softly brushed the car as she maintained a cruising speed of 55 mph. Then, at last, we see this astonishing fresh breath of space where you could see t…

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