Today was the before I went to on a vacation to the east coast to four different states with my grandparents. As my mom and I were making our way their house so I was already there for the morning departure, we stopped at a shell station to get snacks for me tomorrow and we saw a guy pull up to a pump and get gas and he dropped an electronic cig on his way into the station to pay and it made a little explosion and a little mushroom cloud, and i thought it was cool and interesting but my mom thought to herself and said it to me that I am NEVER to buy one of them death traps and as usualI just went along with it and said ok I won’t get one.

So when we got to my grandparents home the plants that she had potted last here were already taller then me and I’m 5’11 Well when we got there my aunt and uncle were there and their three kids Noah, Caleb, Silas. Like always they were all either annoying as heck when we got there, but I didn’t care because I only got to see them one or two times a year and one of those was Christmas.The four of us played tag in our grandma’s house even though she would say not to a million times before that, but we did it anyway. My cousins are always wanting to play my iPad or on my phone well I had just got my iPad and a new phone so it’s not like I wanted any of them to break on the first trip we ever went on, but being the older cousin my grandma took on her mean witch voice and said “I didn’t buy that iPad for you to be selfish”. I felt like my world was ending because I’m my grandparents favorite no matter what any of my brothers and cousins say. Well after a hard day’s work from mini explosions to me being selfish it was time for bed as we were getting beds picked out, like normal I started to make my bed on the couch because I can’t fall asleep on the floor, my grandma walked over and “your uncle and aunt are gonna have to sleep one both sides of the couch , and I was mad because anytime I …

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