Christopher Reeve once said: “A hero is an ordinary individual who finds the strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles”. I believe that what he said is entirely correct, therefore making many normal people I know heroes. Practically anyone can overcome an obstacle. However, it’s the few people who repeatedly continue to do this with a positive outcome for others that are truly heroes. Usually, these people have some distinct traits that set them apart from most of society. Being extraordinary, having good morals, being brave and courageous, plus having the strength to persist are just a few of them. Almost always, a hero will do something positive and serve as a role model as well. My mom is one of the few people I look up to as my hero because she has a high sense of morality, is strong mentally, and makes sacrifices without expecting a reward in return. She is, honestly, one-hundred percent awesome!

My mom’s morals are top of the line. She will do whatever is the right thing no matter what. Sometimes, on the rare occasions when I miss the bus, my mom will happily drive me to school, at seven thirty in the morning! She could be sleeping in, but instead, she does the right thing with hesitating one bit. I even have other ways to get to school. I own a bike, and it’s just sitting in the garage gathering dust. If I wanted to, from where I live, I could probably bike to school in fifteen minutes. Or, if the road i s covered in heaping amounts of snow, we have extremely nice neighbors who are willing to drive me to school (they have a son who can drive) if I need it. So my mom jumps into the car, in her pajamas, not caring at all about how she looks or the fact that she’ll see some parents she knows on the way. She just does it because it’s the right thing. Sometimes, she’ll even see kids walking beside the road lugging heavy backpacks and trudging through feet of snow. My mom would pull over and a…

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