For me, high school has been the worst of times and the best of times. Entering high school with random people and teachers was uncomfortable, but as time went on I soaked in my environment along with the people. As a child with little experience of education beyond high school, it was tough to enjoy starting it. I did not enjoy school and often couldn’t wait until us students had a day off. Things later on changed and actually became opposite.As time went on, I grew a new passion: Enhancing my education and knowledge. Entering high school was scary at first. I was no longer the young child I was; I was becoming older with more responsibilities. I did not take the classes seriously my freshman year; I was trying to figure out who I was. I wanted to just pass high school and leave, I wanted to grow up. My freshman year was more about me finding myself. My high school years have been a journey of me molding into the person I am now. I used to dread Sundays because I knew I had school the next day, and I couldn’t wait until Fridays because I knew the weekend was coming and I didn’t have school. I tried to hang on to the school breaks and summers for as long as I could. I used to struggle to concentrate on my subjects. I had no intent on furthering my education past high school.

During my first summer as a high school student, I hung out with a good deal of different people. Many of them being older, they influenced me. I started to change my attitude towards school and my education. I give a lot of credit to my great grandmother for helping me change my perspective on education. I started studying more and more my sophomore year. I started to gain a great deal of interest in science. I started to pay more attention in my classes, which meant a lot to me. I have learned from experience that you learn everyday whether you mean to or not. I also have learned that learning can be joyful. My junior year has been the most stressful, bu…

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