I was reading a book when my phone suddenly rang. “Hi. It’s Vu. My computer is broken, and I need to hand in my assignment in 3 hours. Everything is on my computer, and I’m crying. Please help me, Duc. I’m in room 204”, said my friend. “I hear you, bro. I’ll be there in one minute.”, I replied. I grabbed my backpack and rode my bike his campus right then. Luckily, I and Vu together fixed his computer 2 hours before his deadline.

I love to call my room “Lyoko”. There is a lot of “technology” in my Lyoko: wifi router, smartphone, laptop, desktop computer, printer, camera, hundred kinds of cable, memory card, screwdriver, pincers, etc. It is not strange that many of my friends and acquaintances call me when they are in trouble with their computers. Everything started when I was in grade 7. I knew nothing about computers but typing texts and playing video games then. One day that year, my computer crashed and I found nobody to help me. I managed to fix it myself and found it so awesome. That was the first time I tried to fix a computer on my own. I decided to learn more about computers to help myself with similar situations in the future. During the middle school years, with my knowledge I had acquired, I helped many of my friends and teachers who had difficulties handling errors on their computer. My dream of becoming a computer security specialist began forming its shape during those years.

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“You can get no girls just by installing Ubuntu or Windows,” my father sometimes teases me when I work with my computer. “But the world needs me, Dad,” I smile back at him every time. “Money is a good servant but a bad master”, and I realize that so is technology. I’m happy to see the technology in life without depending on it. I love playing guitars with my friends and YouTube helps me share my moments more easily. I love traveling and many times I didn’t get lost thanks to the online maps. Technology helps me…

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