Moving to the United States has given me the opportunity to pursue a better education, with a system designed and to instill higher expectations. For instance, when in high school, I had an extra year rather than finishing in eleventh grade in Colombia, I got to finish in twelfth grade. Also, there are many opportunities such as running start, that can help a student begin their college education early. My education was also dramatically better due to the need to learn English in order to communicate with co workers, friends, and teachers. In Colombia, I didn’t really need to learn English to get ahead, therefore the challenge didn’t not present itself.

Becoming a United States citizen has also allowed me to find a better job. One example, I remember my first job ever, I was a cashier at the bullfight in a small town, the people that I had to deal with were impatience, rude and mandatory. They wanted me to do things I wasn’t able to do. Many times I had to close my a little window and stop helping people. It was one of the three things that I didn’t like about my job in Colombia, the second the worst part was the money that I was making, they don’t pay you enough per hour, the minimum wage was a joke. Here In US, the payment is way better, now I able to save money and send some to my family down there. And the last thing that I didn’t like about working there, was the poor work conditions, they didn’t give me the right tools to me, to finish any job assignment. The managers were the worst; they didn’t know anything about management. While here I don’t have any complaints about managers, they know what they are doing.

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Living in the United States is much safer overall, and allows me to feel like I can raise a family one day without having to worry about my safety. I never thought in having kids while I was in Colombia, it was because the crime rate in my country was really high, but being in here it give me another wa…

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