?“I paint flowers so they will not die”- Frida Kahlo

“I write thoughts so they will live”- Me

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I have made this trajectory for the same thing multiple times however, every time differs by the details. This particular time, the warmth of summer’s heat kept my skin warm and the moon’s borrowed light with associated scintillating stars illuminated my path. The air was as usual, just air, not fresh but not toxic either. The night was placid, different from the storm of ideas waving inside my brain. It was not until I reached my destination that my thoughts stopped.

The commotion in my head was interrupted by the commotion that everyone who has been at Wal-Mart on Forest experiences. If we were all locked in at that moment, in the middle of a winter storm with no heater, our body heat combined would have sufficed to ensure no one froze to death. The place was packed! You could tell just by looking at the long check out lines that extended into the women clothes department and the jewelry department. There, people were in pairs, in groups of three, four, five, with children, with a significant other holding hands, with friends or like me, alone. Some walked leisuriously taking their time with every step while others seemed to be racing time or preparing for a marathon. Every isle had a consumer. The bakery section had an elderly lady full of vigor selecting bread. There were numerous people trying to pick out the most fresh vegetables and fruits. A teenage girl, around 14 or 15 was looking at nail polish. I could tell that that was something she did often. Her nails were impeccable, short and painted in a mint color. A pregnant lady accompanied by her husband, I presume, opened the refrigerator and took out a pint of ice cream. The kind, I know not.That day Wal-Mart was full of interesting people, two in particular.

The first is a young woman with significant weight, enough to giver her a BMI of 36.6. She was staring at somet…

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