I have always been one who was nervous to stand up in a big crowd or in front of a big crowd because I always fear that I will embarrass myself. Although I fear standing up in front of big crowds, once I get comfortable I become myself again. Once I get comfortable, I am a very outgoing, charismatic, straight to the point type of guy, and even around strangers I can still be the same way and actually like to be involved in small talk.Sometimes I do have the tendency to start to speak softly little by little but then I end up noticing what exactly I am doing and correct it.I can lose my train of thought at moments by little distraction going on around me which ends up with me looking for a certain word that I cannot think of.You always hate when you hear a person presenting and all you hear is “like” or “um” and sometimes I do that because I lose my focus and forget what point I am on.I think I give good speeches if I am researching and talking about the right topic that I am truly interested in. Even if I am extremely interested in a topic I do lack the animation and excitement I am feeling on the inside.

One way I believe I can improve my speeches is by participating in class. I think that will help because I am always one to just sit there and listen the whole entire time because I am a little afraid of saying something and embarrassing myself.I feel that one thing I should do to help with this fear is to ask the speaker or teacher questions and try to get the class involved in a discussion.Another way to help me to get to participate in class is to nod or acknowledge good points or statements made by the presenter and make sure that they see it as a positive reinforcement.The last thing I can do is to raise my hand to volunteer as the next person to present or just simply stand up right after the last presenter so I can just get it over with and stop getting so worried about how it will go.

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Another way I belie…

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