My life was like Big Brother would watch me and would shoot a baleful glance towards me every time I would make a simple mistake; even if I would get a B in my school grades. I was monitored by a machine (my parents),that would correct me and tried to make me a more suitable person. I was raised like a robot. My family consists of numerous emojis (attitudes and emotions) but I’m the bizarre individual. I live in a street called Miller and my house is the 117th. My neighborhood is a suspense, no one is secure at night. My home is like a stairway to heaven, a relaxing location where all worries of the outside world disappeared of course, only when my parents are not visible. “Behave”, “I’m watching you”, “clean”, “be an example”, “your grades”, and additional commands became a sound habit to my ears. Teenage stage became more demanding and stressful and fraught and traumatic juncture. I wasn’t allowed to even extrude my head not even an inch outside the window. “Are you serious?” But there response was “it’s for your own good” (while I would roll my eyes as their lips moved). Growing up with strict parents was a godsend situation for me. My parents however, always wanted the best for us. They brought us to a house that has all the comfortableness things that we need. We might not be rich, but we live good. My community is very supportive. I have come across to some accidents where I see many people who are helping in everything that they can do to help. Everyone is like a family, always together.

All this things have shaped and helped me on being able to become a better person. It made me stronger and a desirable person. It helps me in some way of motivation to keep on striking and accomplishing all my goals. That famous quote that my ancestors have been passing down to the actual generation “difficult things make a person stronger” is very true. Thanks to the strict discipline of my parents and the way…

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