Alonso ____________ was born in Mexico City in 1972, in Mexico, when he first arrived to America he was 40 years old, he came to the US with his family because he wanted a better education and also a better way of live for his son. Alonso referred to Mexico City as a crowed and dangerous city, he said that his family did not like being in Mexico City because it was way to dangerous. Alonso said that leaving Mexico City was not hard, because he did not like his city at all, and he wanted the best for him and for his family. He though that America was a country were people live in harmony and also a place where people could make more money, but the major reason for his move to America was that, he knew that in America people had better education and he wanted his son to have that education.

Once Alonso arrived to America, he felt “uncertain about his future” because no one gave him a list of what to do to be successful once he got to this country. Alonso had to readjust his mealtimes because they have different mealtimes in Mexico. He also had to learn English in order to find a job, he found English hard to learn. But the main challenge he faced was finding “the type of job I was going to do,” Alonso went to a University in Mexico and he got a degree in finances, but he found hard finding a job in the US because he did not had a permit to work legally in the US. Alonso cannot remember being discriminated for being from a foreign country but he said that he tries to not “communicate with people who only speak English,” because he is afraid of being discriminated against for having an accent. In the present, Alonso can speak a good amount of English and he feels more secure of him self when we speaks English, he also speaks a proper Spanish.

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Alonso refers to the phrase “being an American” as being a citizen of high quality of life and culture, because in America people have a better way of live. He noticed since the firs…

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