?IMy name is __________________, people wonder why I have such long name well there are three main languages in Nigeria where i’m from, called igbo hausa and yrouba. The name “Ifeoma” is an igbo traditional name given to me by my dad because he is igbo while Titilayo is a yoruba traditional name given to me by my mum because she is yoruba and Princess is my English name while Maduewesi is my last name. I am an 18 years oldyoung African femalemajoring in psychology at Kansas state university, I’m from a family of 7 and i’m the second child of my parents. I attended four different schools from grade 7 to 12 actually if I was writing to my fellow Nigerian, I would say from jss1 to jss3 or from year 7 to 12. I am from a Christian family and literally a Christian, i attend a white germent church called cheribum and seraphine which is my mum’s church and sometimes i attend my dad’s church called triumphant Christian center but since i got to the united states, I attend an African evening fellowship church at Hilton. I am single and haven’t been in a relationship due to some factors I would list below. During my leisure time I like to watch movies because it is something I was deprived of when I was younger, I also like to chat with friends because I didn’t do a lot of that when I was younger.

When I was seven years old, I was adopted by my mum’s younger sister, I wouldn’t really call it adoption because i saw my parents whenever I wanted to. I spent 11 years of my life with my aunt and her family of 4. At the age of 11,i stopped having that wonderful peace and happy home I use to have with my aunt. Both couple started sleeping separately, There was commotion, fight, disagreement and nagging in the house which happened almost everyday and the worst part of this was I had to pay for most of the times my aunt and her husband had a fight by not eating for days because my aunt’s husband wouldn’t get food at home an…

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