Being different is okay. However, I sometimes ask myself, “what’s it like to not be different?” Kind of egocentric because everyone is different. I myself have put in my share of being different in this world. Yet, despite all the hardships and tribulations, I would never give up my differentness. I’d rather be authentic than to live a life under everyones’ expectations. I believe that the effect of being “different” makes you a stronger individual because you know your-self worth, you have something unique that no one else has, and because you have to take over the challenge that people will try to change you, but you just have to be you.

Everything I Never Told You is about a family dealing with the loss of their daughter, Lydia Lee. This specific character, Lydia, was different. She was what you would call a “mystery child”. She was the middle child; favored by both of her parents. With clear blue eyes and ink-black hair, that alone already makes her different. Lydia was also expected to become a doctor in favor of her mom and be that popular girl in school for her dad. “She absorbed her parents’ dreams, quieting the reluctance that bubbled within Every time, it seemed such a small thing to trade for their happiness.” (Ng p.160) For Lydia’s case, I believe that by her being so different, it only led her to be in a state of depression, eventually causing her death. With Lydia, she also lied about her relationships and activities with friends. It wasn’t until after Lydia’s death did her family realized how lonely she was. “He realizes now that he had never seen a ticket stub But now, he knows, she hasn’t called Karen or Pam or Jenn in years” (Ng p.18)Though I did state that being different can make one stronger, for Lydia, she stayed strong for 15 years until she thought it was time to give up. It doesn’t take much to make one weak and vulnerable. If she had received the kind of love and support…

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