When I arrived in that first meeting of Narcotics Anonymous, I felt like I had taken the long way back to a familiar place. I felt like the NA program was developed just for me because it worked by taking small, steps one at a time. Little did I realize when I first got here that those small steps were leading me to a reawakening of my spirit. As I followed each one of them they led to the restoration of a life I thought I had completely lost to drugs and alcohol.

Today I have very little doubt in my mind that a power far greater than Jim was responsible for leading me to Narcotics Anonymous. I can tell you right now that I didn’t find the answers to all my questions when I first came into the rooms of recovery. But for the very first time in a very long time I found myself in a place I felt it was OK for me to ask questions. There is a lot of unconditional love underlying the statement: Keep Coming Back! When you all told me that I internalized it to mean: We’re going to be here for you to help you through this no matter what! It has grown to mean that the rooms of recovery is a safe haven for me to come and freely share whatever is going on about my life and my recovery. Keep Coming Back also meant that if I didn’t understand things I heard in the meetings, if I would come back and come back clean, more would be revealed to me.

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When I got here, I was told that I could never use drugs or alcohol again! I thought that was an impossible request at that time in my life. It was way too large for me to comprehend. I found myself asking: How long is never? When I asked that question out loud, you all told me to just try it for today and Keep Coming Back. I identified myself as an addict because that’s how I needed to see myself then and even more so these days. The longer I kept coming back the more I began to see of myself without the haze and dilution of the drugs and alcohol. I wasn’t too pleased with who I saw when the fog li…

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