A five letter word that can agitate the deepest fear in the valiant heart. Never.

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“I’ll never succeed.”

“We’ll never be complete.”

“I’ll never be better.”

“I’ll never be going to Canada.”

It is the lie — that urges or insist on putting the negative end to all our hopes.

I’m this little girl longing for a puzzle to complete. My life runs at home, school, church, home, school, and church. They called me “church girl”.

When I was young, my mom told me, “Always put your trust in the Lord. Keep the faith no matter what happen.” I really didn’t know what she meant until she left our country home to work abroad. We had our communication through yahoo messenger and friendster. She encourage me, “When you graduate in elementary you, your father and your brother will migrate in the land of milk and honey– Canada, we’ll live happy and complete.”, she stated with full of rainbows in her eyes as I look at her in front inside the box.

Graduation day, the day I’ve been waiting for. I saw all those beautiful smiles of my classmates with there families and relatives joining us in the graduation ceremony. My father and brother was there to witness me marching up the stage to receive my diploma. But this feeling stirring inside of me something is missing. Still I’m keeping the word of my mom, that we’ll be complete again.

December, Christmas season, were we felt hope and love. I still have a reason to celebrate because we are alive and there’s so much little things that you could be thankful for despite of incompleteness. On the 24th of December, Christmas eve plus my birthday. They surprise me with a party. I really appreciate what my parents did, they are full of surprises that are much of what you expect. My parents are very exclusive in terms of plan and problems of the family. I’m still blessed because everybody was around to be with me on that special day.

Grade 10, graduating student i…

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