Most people who have succeed learned from their mistakes. They experienced failing several times before finally became succeed. There are also many people who failed and never learn from their mistakes. They thought that they failed because they are not good enough to be successful and ended up in the same spot.However, mistakes and experiences actually are the best teacher for us to be a better person. They made us investigate about what mistake we made. Then, we would try to avoid doing the same thing in the future.

I also have a moment when I made a mistake and learned from it. When I was in high school, the classes for second and third grades were divided into science and social classes. The teachers chose eligible students to take some tests for science class. I was chosen. Many seniors said that the tests were not important, which means regardless how much scores we got, the chosen people would be in the science class. Therefore, I was not really worried about the tests and did not study as hard as I should be. As the result, I did not pass all the exams. Fortunately, my homeroom teacher helped me. He told the other teachers that I would study harder and would survive in the class. I was allowed to take the science class. I learned many things from this event and applied it on other opportunities.

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First of all, I learned to always be prepared in every situation. Every time I have some important thing comes up, I give an extra time to prepare everything I need. From my experience I described above, I learned that regardless what other people say, I have to do everything I could do in order to get what my goal. Even if the senior were right, there was nothing wrong by being prepared. It did not cost me anything. Moreover, it would help me to get better scores.

Second, work harder than usual. There is a famous statement “no pain, no gain”. This statemen…

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