My resume is my selling tool and it should outline my skills as well as my experience so that potential employees can see how I can contribute to the workplace at a glance. The resume I did in class had to be very specific and I learned a lot about myself which I should improve on so I can increase my chances of getting a job in the future. I learned that my resume should be able to sell me in the short order it should clearly focus on specific job titles that address the requirements for the job position, and it should also highlight the special skills and talents I have with a job experience.

Secondly, I learned that my resume should sell me in a short order. This includes me making my resume to instantly communicate to the employers that I possess what it takes for a particular position. Whereas many employers include the requirements for a particular job position, it is my responsibility to make sure that I communicate about myself in the best way in the resume, so that potential employers can instantly come to the conclusion that I have what it takes and be hired. Selling myself in a short order in my resume is important in making sure that the resume does not end up in the reject file.

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Additionally, I noted that it is important to list my contributions to the company in the best way possible. I should start with the most important points that are relevant to the employer. I had to list my skills, history, and facts about myself. Some of the skills I wrote were being able to work a cashier, communicating with people and knowing how to work computers. The use of data is necessary because it enables the potential employers to determine how much I can contribute to their company.

Lastly, I learned that my resume assisted the recruiters to know the value I can bring to their institution. As part of my work experience, highlighting the relevant information that relates to the position I’m applying for is important. Also, it is vital to …

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