People know my name Celine, but do you they really even know me? No, most people just see me as this sweet girl, who doesn’t really have a bad side. They don’t know my story, my own version of struggle. Obviously I love my life now; I’m in the Spanish Honor Society in school, I have a loving family, I am a hardworking student, I have my goals set and I’m on the way of achieving them. In many aspects I am proud of the young woman I’m becoming. However, the person I am today all has to do with how I grew up. With what class i grew up in. With what role I was thought to play because of my gender. Lastly, how my family has molded me to who I am today.

When I was born from my birth up to the age of six, many memorable things happened. The one that stood out the most to me was, when I was four and moved to a whole new place. After living in that new place known as East Hartford for two years, my parents had decided to call it quits and finally separate. Back then my mother thought it would be best if my sister and I went with her back home, meaning Puerto Rico. I being such a mommy’s girl at the time, that I jumped at the idea going anywhere with her. A good six months after moving away to Puerto Rico, my mother had yet to find a job, we began to depend on my aunt; seeing as we lived in her home. In my six year old mind set I never understood the things that were happening. Next thing I knew was that it soon became time to leave my aunts, my mother had a job, it wasn’t a good one but it was a job afterall. We lived in a apartment close to the school I was attending. After living in that home for a while my mother was laid off her job. After that moment she truly began to depend on the child support money my father would send. Then the notices began to come in, first the electricity was cut off, then the water and finally we were evicted. From that moment on everything truly began to change.

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After that moment that changed every…

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