Comfort is what we all try to seek in life. There are many habits and simple pleasures that we encounter to escape from the everyday stress of life. However, the only cure for the stress is to be in your favorite place. My favorite destination is a seven-hour plane ride across the Atlantic Ocean to Africa and has a five-hour time difference from the East Coast, it is Rabat, Morocco. In Rabat, Morocco, you will find yourself surrounded by a different culture. The language is different, I am surrounded by family, and I get to experience being more independent while I am there. While I am vacationing in Morocco, I am able to go to different shops and purchase items freely because my family lives in the city. While walking to the community grocery store down the street from our beach house I am able to see children playing soccer and having fun with one another. While at our house, I am able to smell the scent of food cooking. On Fridays, the entire neighborhood will cook Couscous, one of my favorite meals, which has meat or chicken, and vegetables. It has carrots, zucchini, onions, cabbage and much more, as a tradition and the scent is evident everywhere in the house and on the streets.

As a family tradition, my family eats dinner together. The family members present includes my grandfather, my grandmother, my aunt with her husband and little daughter, and my uncle with his wife. The atmosphere is harmonious and includes joyful conversations about what has caught their attention that day. There is a process where everyone is taking turns speaking to one another while my siblings and I start our own conversation. These conversations include random topics that my younger brother brings up or the YouTube videos that he or my little sister watched that day or about the funny looking TV show, a channel that features cartoons from the Middle East or popular tv shows from America like Spongebob or Icarly in Arabic. The official language of Mor…

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