When someone lives abroad away of their country, they must learn some new lessons of the new life. Living abroad means you will be away from your family and relatives who they support and encourage you when you need to. In this essay, I will discuss and explain the experience of what I attained which include learning a new culture, self-reliance and finding new friends from several countries. US culture is different from our culture in Saudi Arabia in the relationship between relatives, sports and clothes. First of all, I was shocked when I saw the weak of their relationships and how they keep in touch with other relatives even parents. For example, I have known an American friend who lives with his parents in the same town and he visits them on holydays only. I really empathize with his old parents. In Saudi Arabia, if someone became old and he/she has sons or daughters, they must stay with them and helping them in every single detail they need till their death. Moreover, in sports we have some differences. In America, they tend to play basketball, baseball and American football, but in our country we used to play soccer as a favorite sport. As well in clothes, US clothes are different according to region and climate. Jeans is the most popular they wear, but in our tradition we used to wear thoub as the traditional style.

Additionally, living abroad teaches me how I can handle my affairs with self-reliance. It is inevitable to be self-reliant when you live in a foreign county away from persons who always support you. Indeed, sooner or later, I must conquer my weaknesses and get my work done alone. Usually, when young people fall in trouble, their parents will help them until they exceed the problem they had. If they live abroad, they will be responsible for their selves.

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Beside this, I got to know new friends from variant countries. Sometimes I hang out with them to new places we have not visited yet. I learned diverse cultures about…

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