It was never an easy day for me as kid. From seventh grade to twelfth I was always working to bring money to the house for my mother, brother, and sister. I had to do this because when I was around six years old my father left my mother for another women. This made my mother spiral down into a deep depression causing her to start doing drugs, as a consequence, and later causing her to lose custody of us until I was in the seventh grade. This all started when I was six years old.

It was September 7th, 2003 my first day of second grade. I had just moved to a new school and didn’t know anybody at all. My dad had dropped me off at school and said the usual “I’ll see you when you get home”. I didn’t know this day would be different from any other ordinary day. Later on when getting out of school I found out I would never see my father for the rest of my childhood. I found this out after I rode the bus home and rushed up stairs. After rushing up the stairs to tell my parents about my first day of second grade I found the front door already open. When I stepped inside it was the first time I ever saw my mother crying. My mother was sitting in the corner crying and for a moment I stared before I rushed over to see what was wrong.

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After comforting my mother some she told me that my father had left for another women. I was devastated as a child because of my deep love for my father. I always looked up to him so I never expected him to do something like that to his family. Although I took it bad, I believe my little brother took it harder than me or my sister. He cried so many tears that day and I didn’t know what I could do to help him feel better. That night I laid in my bed thinking and I realized I had no choice but to be there for everybody in my family because it was no one else to help. I tried to behave more in school and act more mature but no matter what things got harder for my mom as she raised three children by herself.

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