When I was a young girl, I remember my father always wanted a son. I thought he accepted I was a girl, and as I was growing up, we got really close.When I was about 6, he called his cousin over because I needed a haircut. His cousin took duct tape and wrapped in a circle around my head, then proceeded to cut along the duct tape. It made me look like a boy, and made me very self-conscious about myself.I felt my dad did that on purpose. The rest of my family was very upset, because they could not recognize me. My father got a new girlfriend and she ended up pregnant with a boy, he was ecstatic and treated him like royalty. I remember being so jealous that he adored him very much. He was really close with Zach and gave him everything that he would ever want.My father and his girlfriend then split up, and he found out my “brother” was not his son, and was devastated. I felt so awful, I wanted to just be a boy, so I could make my father happy.

My father got married a couple years later, and I did not get along with his soon to be wife. She was very disrespectful to me, and made me feel very out of place. My father did not take the proper actions to change the problems, so we slowly drifted apart. My step-mother ended up pregnant, and it was another girl. Yet again, my dad was upset that he did not get his son. I eventually quit visiting my father as I grew into a teenager. When I approached high school, I was not close with very many females.I felt a closer bond with all my male friends, and did not get along with many females.At the time I did not notice it, but I was craving for male’s attention because the lack of attention from my father.I ended up marrying once I turned 18, and he was very abusive.I lost all my friends because most of them were male, and of course my husband did not want them around any longer.I ended up throwing my abusive husband in jail, and get a restraining order to get out of the relations…

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