?In the past, I’d been following the crowds, but recently I have made my way out. Today I am someone different, I am not who I was yesterday. Giving flight to my imagination employs my control over my own thoughts that I speak out loud to the large groups of people in my classes. Speaking out is always harder with more people; in my chemistry class of 100, than my western civilization class of 20 people. It is also easier done with people you know, considering their reactions to your voiced opinion. Today, I learned there are many challenges awaiting a person such as myself at the University of North Carolina Wilmington, challenges that can be overcome, but not in due time. My imagination is a place where I can run off to temporarily avoid these challenges, but in the end, I will have to face them head on. In four years from now, I hope to be able to face challenges head on and use my imagination, not as a hiding place, but as a key to new ideas. Just as new ideas are created, today I created this journal entry with my personal experiences and thoughts relating to my transition to the University of North Carolina Wilmington.

Today, I am just another student attending the University of North Carolina Wilmington; just another face in the crowd among chancellors walk. There is not a need to stand out on these grounds. Everyone at this beautiful school is welcoming you into their social grounds. Tomorrow, I could become a different person, but today I am myself and I believe there is no reason to change for another person as long as I am content with my life choices. Today is just another day in the rotation of life; as we live through our lives not knowing what we can do to change the world. Today, I am a nobody but tomorrow, I can be an architect, an architect of the future; I can be, someone great, someone one inspirational, and someone like you. All it takes is a blueprint, then I can grow into someone that children will read about …

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