Back when I was around 9 or 10 years old, I lived in my original childhood home in Cranberry, PA. It was a large house with a backyard that at the time, felt like it never ended. As a kid I would always have friends over to play fake war, fight with light sabers and do whatever young rowdy kids like to do. Then one day during one of these parties my life changed forever.

The one thing that set this day apart from the others was that it was the start of summer. To me and my friends this meant one thing, today was the neighborhood block party. Besides Christmas, my birthday, and any other day I received money or presents; this day was the best time of the year. I just couldn’t get over all of the stuff there was to do. We had corn hole, ladder golf, water gun fights, pretty much everything under the sun. The only thing we didn’t have this year was a host house. We always had a host house for the block parties. A host house is the place where the main event of the block party it held. This is where everyone can go for refreshments, food, video games, or just air conditioning if you got to hot outside. But this year, the host got sick and couldn’t have the party anymore. So of course my mom, decides to have it at our house. My parents would always love to have people over and entertain. Every year they would host neighborhood gatherings, Christmas parties, Thanksgiving, and pretty much any other holiday where gatherings are socially acceptable. My parents were very social people so they loved the environment of having people to entertain. Now to about any kid in the world, having parties at your house is awesome news. As soon as my mom told me I sprinted up stairs, got ready, and called just about every friend I had.

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Before I knew it there was a montage of about 20 kids at my front door ready to get the day started. We started off the day right with some Capri-Suns and ice pops to get our sugar high to fuel us for the day. After t…

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