“Soooo…” with that long drawn out “soooo” sound, the one raised eyebrow, and the tilt of the head slightly to one side was something I had gotten used to hearing and seeing way too often from my father, especially when he was picking me up from my grandmother’s house. I began to dread seeing that expression and hearing those words come out of his mouth. I feared my answer may affect my future visits with my grandmother. I later learned to filter what all I told him, not to lie, but just not disclose all the details. I did not want him to stop letting me go to her house. I had so much fun and every day that I spent with her turned into some crazy adventure.

This hot summer day was no different. It was an adventure, to say the least. I can remember it so vividly. Seems as it were just yesterday, that I lay stretched out across the end of her wooden dock feeling the sun scorching my legs.She sat next to me with a fishing pole in one hand and a glass of tea in the other. Of course, she sat in what she called her “lucky fishing chair”, which was a squeaky, old, rusted, aluminum lawn chair that had definitely seen better days. I hated that old chair. I don’t know why. Maybe it was the fact that it screeched with every move you made or maybe it was the stench that came from it when the sun heated up all the years and years of fish guts that were soaked into the fraying fabric.All I could hope for was that I was not lying downwind from her and that chair.

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It was so peaceful listening to the water gently ripple with the wind, the chirping of the birds, and the buzzing of the insects. It was like a symphony of nature.I looked out at the shoreline and noticed a big round snapping turtle basking in the sun on a broken down tree trunk overhanging the water.“Aren’t you going to grab a pole Todd,” grandma said.“I will as soon as you start catching something,” I replied. “Or, I will just wait until you doze off and I …

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