When someone sees Ms. Suzana on the street, the first thing that may comes in their mind is “poor old woman” must be very sad, lonely, and she probably does not really like anyone around. Ms. Suzana is an angolan 63-year-old woman, short, light skin and mother of only one child.She got divorced when she was 32-year-old. She is a famous and recognized surgeon in Angola by her hard work and saved lives. Being a surgeon affected dramatically her personality, the ways she used to see the world and her life.

Ms. Suzana leaves alone for more than fifteen year. She has a gaze that makes anyone want to disappear in time and space when she looks at him. Her gaze makes everyone question themselves “ What I want to do for my life”. Her steps are firm although he uses a walking stick to move, and her pronunciation demonstrates that she is a well-educated woman. The way Ms. Suzana dresses is always full of elegance and style. Suzana’s profession made her a person that does not fear the death and that every day becomes less sensible. Her past is full of tragedies, and no one can not even imagine how though it was.

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The inside of Ms. Suzana house corresponds to what everyone sees in the eyes of this woman: dignity, sadness and professionalism. The old style furniture, graduation certificates on the walls, old black-and-white pictures of her son when he was a little boy and her grandson. She named her son Mandela in honor to Nelson Mandela, South African anti-apartheid revolutionary. Her son left the country and went to England when he was 21 years old, leaving his mother completely alone. Mandela got married and had a son called Kippa which means the special one in Kimbundo, an Angolan dialect. Kippa is a special little boy very energetic and observant. He has an uncommon disease called autism. Furtunatelly, he gets all the necessary support that he needs to overcome his disease. Suzana does not tell much about her life before she got d…

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