A lot of people have their mind already set on what they want to do already. Some of them already achieved their goal/s and others did not. For me I also have a dream and I’m going to make it happen 10 years from now or probably sooner.My dream is being a Computer Engineer from ten years from now I will be. Computer Engineers work with software and hardware and networks if they have to. What a Computer engineering is a discipline that integrates several fields of electrical engineering and computer science required to develop computer hardware and software.

I have been interested with computers ever since I touched one and played with one. I want to learn everything I can that has to do with a computer or anything that has to do with it. I have research everything about a computer and what goes inside of one the learn it and even follow other people on the internet that already knows about it to learn even more.After I had prices my own computer I had to open it up to look what was inside of it to learn what had to go in it to make it function. I was going to regular city college for a bit and just taking normal general ed classes for like 2 years and I felt like there was nothing I really wanted to learn at the city college. So I took the next step to change to a different school.

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ITT Technical Institute was the school for me to go to. After does two years at the city college I had enough of the boring classes that I couldn’t learn anything about computers at all. Making this big step to go to ITT was the best thing I made. I love everything about it and what they offer to me. I’m learning what I didn’t know and a lot of other things. Now I’m in IT to learn about networking which is part of what I want to learn. Second part of what I need to learn is the engineering part.

With all the learning I’ll get from school I can use all of that knowledge on the field of what I’m going to be doing. My job would be working w…

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