After analyzing myself as a student, I am an extremely diligent, strong and competitive student which are top qualities most universities look for. However, I have some weaknesses that they must be taken into account. While applying to SolBridge International Business School,I am asked to write this essay of strengths and weaknesses and their comparison. Thus, they are as follows.

Regarding my strengths, the most essential thing is that I desire to improve with my studies. Also, I am pretty intelligent and have determination to achieve my goals. This is because I was excellent in all subjects related to economics, including finance, accounting and business. As a proof of this, I obtained several international certificates including CAP (Certified Accounting Practitioner), IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards) and 1-C accounting program knowledge in addition to my bachelor’s degree in accounting from Tashkent Financial Institute. Through the course of my studies, I revealed how proper understanding, analytical and mathematical skills I had and because of this, I was admitt­­ed by international examiners too. Moreover, I have leadership and oral skills which are very crucial in today’s business world. During four years of bachelors degree, I participated in various national and international conferences and became their main speakers. Fortunately, I could organize those conferences in very good styles. For instance, I used to be a debater and leader at Young Leaders Development Project about social, economic and various topics organised at World Economy and Diplomacy University in 2014. Simultaneously, I have beena member of “Kamolot” Youth Social Activity since December, 2011 and of National Association of Accountants and Auditors in Uzbekistan since July 8th , 2015.

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While studying at Tashkent Financial Institute, I acquired knowledge from many outstanding professors in Uzbekistan. At these times, I used to a…

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