There are some things that happen in your life that you aren’t ready for. When I was ten, I woke up with a serious sharp pain in my lower abdomen. It was a Tuesday morning where I usually have my daily routine but this particular day wasn’t like any school morning day. My parents came into my room “Get up! Time for school.” they insisted. As I’m lying there in bed in a fetal position crying due to my pain. “I can’t go to school! My stomach is in pain.” as I was whining. My parents wouldn’t listen to me. So I sucked it up and went to school.

When I got to school I could hardly walk to my class. My teacher saw that I was struggling and asked worriedly, “What’s wrong Amanda?” I looked at her with my teary eyes and answered, “My stomach hurt’s really bad.” So she took me right away to the nurse’s office. As the nurse was checking to see what was wrong with me. I could see that the nurse notice the pain that I was enduring due to the expression of my face. I had my arms wrapped around my lower abdomen and was curled up like an armadillo. The only thing the nurse could do was to call my parents. Soon as my parents showed up they finally realized how serious I was in pain.

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They rushed me right away to the hospital. As I was being admitted into a room I remember the doctor coming in informing my startled parents, “Her appendix has been ruptured and will require surgery immediately.” I was terrified of what the possible outcomes could result in after the surgery because I have never went through a situation that would require for me to go through the process of surgery.I was impatiently waiting for the surgeons to take me into the operating room. Finally,a nurse came into the room and assisted me to the operating room while I was on a wheelchair. Thoughts kept coming to my mind “Is this the end?” “Is everything going to be okay?” As the doors were opening I could feel my heart pounding intensively. They laid me down on the operat…

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